Who’ s The Bigger Clown?

With the Ethereum “merge” up ahead Vitalik Buterin slams Michael Saylor as a “total clown” but Ethereum is about to abandon the miners who made the crypto popular in a move to go proof of stake which will essentially make $ETH more like a junk bond than a cryptocurrency.

Will changing the fundamentals of a $400 billion-dollar crypto network work out? No one knows, not even Vitalik.  This year we have seen numerous high-profile DE-Fi companies implode with no remorse and nothing left for the people who thought their money was safely earning interest in their accounts, will the staker’s on $ETH be next?

Saylor is not buying $eth and the Ethereum community hitting back doesn’t change the fact that the kids who built $ETH don’t know much about securities laws, and probably even less about finance. I look forward to seeing how this shapes up.

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