The Nooner, by 24/7 Market News for July 6, 2022

(24/7 MARKET NEWS) There’s a bunch of listings that are shaping up for a potential afternoon run. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that any of them will, but

ThermoGenesis Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: THMO) just had a sudden volume spike and is trading at $0.415, up $0.184 (+79.65%), on more than 27 million shares. The volume and price spike happened within the last hour and, assuming the volume remains, it could challenger today’s high and spike higher.

Trevi Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRVI) announced Positive Results last week when we mentioned that it was at $2.28 and it had a compelling chart. At $3.45, up $0.11 (+3.29%), on over 750 thousand shares, its chart is even more compelling, as it could reach a new 52 week high.

About the same time, we stated that Decibel Therapeutics (NASDAQ: DBTX) shares were “poised to gain as they report top line data from Phase 1 trial”, when it was in the mid-$2 range. It’s now $4.90, 60 cents higher on the day (+13.95%), after hitting $5, on nearly 400 thousand shares. If it can break through the next inflection point, around $5.20, it looks like it wants to challenge the low $7 range.

Eos Energy Enterprises (NASDAQ: EOSE) shares are at $1.52, up $0.26 (+20.63%), over 41 million shares traded, on news of continued orders and existing backlog.

Scworx (NASDAQ: WORX) shares shot up this morning on its share buyback program news. It’s at $0.865, up $0.245 (+39.52%), on over 27 million shares.

Inspira Technologies Oxy B.H.N. Ltd. (NASDAQ: IINN) is at $2.22, 97 cents higher (+77.61%), on over 72 million shares traded. It’s not a great nooner chart, but, if this morning’s big volume returns, it may make another run at today’s $2.65 high.

Kalera PLC (NASDAQ: KAL) ran hard this morning and has been consolidating, so it may make another run. It’s currently at $4.09, up $1.29 (+46.07%), on nearly 3.5 million shares.

First Wave BioPharma (NASDAQ: FWBI) is at $0.26, up $0.052 (+25.00%), on nearly 4 million shares traded. The late volume and price spike could lead to further gains today.

Humanigen Inc. (NASDAQ: HGEN) is at $2.15, up $0.34 (+18.51%) on over 4 million shares.

Omega Therapeutics is at $4.92, 86 cents higher (+21.18%) on over 280 thousand shares. It has a nice one-day chart, but needs volume.

Cano Health Inc. (NYSE: CANO) is at $5.60, 79 cents higher (+16.42%), on more than 12 million shares traded.

Scholar Rock (NASDAQ: SRRK) is at $6.85, up $0.97 (+16.50%) on over 1.2 million shares.

If Evofem Biosciences (NASDAQ: EVFM) can break through its recent $1.50 high, it looks like it could challenge the low $2 range. It’s at $1.2697, up $0.1697, (+15.43%) on over 73 million shares.

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