She’s Giving It All Back, ohh Verona!

(NASDAQ: VRNA) is still up 40% as of this post but has given up more than 60% of the gains from this morning.  The selling has been brutal and nonstop since the stock hit a high of $14.69 after the market opened.  The stock currently at $9.83 has not stabilized as of this post. More than 29 million shares have exchanged hands. More than 162,000 trades have gone off in the stock heading into lunch. Profit takers and Shorters have been gleefully lighting up the message boards.

Will it Bounce?

RISK: This post is the author’s view of what’s happening and is not investment advice. Use this information at your own risk as you are responsible for your trading and losses. There is no guarantee any post will be updated and should be taken on an “as is basis” when posted. The market moves and changes quickly which makes the information contained in this post old very quickly.


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