Palmetto GBA’s MolDX Issues Foundational LCD Covering the Indication for SelectMDx for Prostate Cancer

Included in the 2020 National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Early Detection.

SelectMDx Helps Physicians Determine if a Patient is at Higher or Lower Risk for Prostate Cancer and Which Men Can Safely Avoid Biopsy

A non-invasive urine test (“liquid biopsy”), SelectMDx measures the expression of two mRNA cancer-related biomarkers (HOXC6 and DLX1).1 The test provides binary results that, when combined with the patient’s clinical risk factors, help the physician determine whether: 

  • The patient may benefit from a biopsy and early prostate detection, or
  • The patient can avoid a biopsy and return to routine screening

Overcomes Historical Prostate Cancer Screening Challenges for More Effective and Efficient Diagnosis

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