(NASDAQ:HTCR) HEARTCORE shares are rallying today on news. Currently up 15% on more than 9,462 trades and 3.1 million in volume. Shares are $2.72 a share.

NEW YORK and TOKYO, June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HeartCore Enterprises, Inc., (HeartCore or the Company), a leading software development company, announced the launch of its latest service offering, the Human Resources (HR) Digital Transformation Development Service, to help implement and advance HR related digital transformation initiatives for its enterprise-level customers.

The HR Digital Transformation Development Service is a multi-step, two-month training program where a dedicated HeartCore team will assist clients in revamping their internal processes. The program consists of improving digital transformation literacy for all employees, automating existing business processes, and extracting data points to visualize and explore latest trends. Following the two-month program, HeartCore will offer a supplementary support service to help clients enhance and leverage their internal teams technological proficiency to maximize digital transformation in their organization.



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