Shares OS:25 million (aft 2 acq)
Current valuation:HIGHLY UNDERVALUED
Market Cap:Under $16million
Current Price: Shares are consolidating below $1.00 as some long-term investors sold their positions **before recent news came out**
Float 10 million/IPO price $4.00

“BUY” (NASDAQ: LSDI) Up to $3.50

Analyst report from Singular Research gives Lucy Scientific Discovery a BUY venture rating up to $3.50 and this DOES NOT take into consideration recently announced acquisition targets.

**Westpark** says it’s an easy 100% move from today’s price up to $1.40. **

Reasons to “BUY” (NASDAQ: LSDI)

**LSDI: announced 2 strategic acquisitions, BlueSky Wellness and High Times. According to recent press, upon the closing of the transactions, Lucy Scientific expects to have approximately 25 million shares issued and outstanding; and projects the two transactions on a consolidated basis to add a minimum of $30 million of revenue and $10 million of EBITDA for the first twelve-month period after closing.

(High times was previously valued at $250 million in a planned solo IPO)

The Company expects the acquisition of High Times IP, including, the 18 licensing agreements across various product categories it will acquire, to add at least $10M of revenue and $5M of EBITDA to its 2024 results and provide a solid foundation of growth as cannabis becomes legal around the world.

Some simplistic math: After closing 25 million shares outstanding, with 30 million in revenue and an estimated $10 million in EBITDA, at a multiple of 10 times EBITDA the company would be worth $100 million or more than 6 times its current trading price!

LSDI could be worth $4.00 or more based on these acquisitions with the 25 million shares out and $10 mill in EBITDA.

The Blue-Sky acquisition is expected to close in 90 days. The platform is an E-commerce platform which boasted $22 million in revenue in 2022 and adjusted EBITDA of $3 million alone.

The recent flurry of news indicates there is a lot more coming. News translates into increased attention, which usually precedes an increase in stock price and volatility.

Hold onto your hats because a storm of news is coming!  Expect a whirlwind of updates ranging from acquisitions to FDA revelations, financial insights, and so much more!

» LSDI acquisition strategy consolidation news.

» Closing of Blue-Sky transaction.

» Analyst coverage and updates

» Sector news, FDA news, expansion news?

» Other possible acquisitions?

» Financial updates

Once the shares of LSDI move past the IPO price, there isn’t much in the way of resistance.

(The mind medicine sector is heating up as several states have approved therapeutic uses and legalization, as well as the UPCOMING ruling of the FDA on one of the well-known drug candidates for approval of therapeutic use, PTSD etc.)

The company recently announced two acquisitions in the alternative medicines space, setting the stage for several upcoming market moving catalysts.

The stock has been building a huge support level here.

The stock has been consolidating in this price range for several weeks. The stock has a short position in it, and as buying continues to build pressure, short, biased traders will be forced to buy shares back from you at much higher prices.

One more reason to take a position in LSDI!

Bet on proven winners!

Why LSDI? Because we trust WINNERS!  CEO Richard Nanula isn’t just any leader. He’s a titan who has commanded a whopping $50 billion in M&A and financing transactions!  Working for companies like Disney, Amgen, and Starwood.

It’s only been a short period of time, and he’s already been involved in 2 highly beneficial transactions for Lucy Scientific Discovery, (LSDI) what’s next?

As more news comes out and the stocks begins to perk up, you will remember reading this and thinking you missed out, however, if the analysts are correct, and the company’s projects come to fruition, we could see Analysts price targets upgraded, closer to our “back of the napkin” math above. 

Many stocks with a relatively small float have exceeded expectations over the past two years. Do your own research and remember you can always take profits and trade on the dips.


Follow the Money!

Lucy Scientific Discovery is Paving the Way to a Healthy Mind!

If we learned anything over the past few years it’s that Billionaires get what they want and they’re pouring a ton of dough into Psychotropic Therapy:

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