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DENVER, Colo., June 3, 2020- Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) FORM S-1 | Securities Registration Statement Jun. 2, 2020 4:47 PM

(1) Proposed Maximum Aggregate Total- $24,012,000

(2) Sole-Book Running Manager- Maxim Group LLC

(3) We have developed a method for the production of high-performance bio-degradable, bio-compatible, and ecologically friendly recombinant spider silk to replace the existing global infrastructure for mundane silk manufacturing. This system of operations utilizes genetically modified silkworms that have been engineered to produce silks based on the proteins and physical characteristics of native spider silk, a material that has been prized for its physical and chemical properties. By adapting the common silkworm and the production process for the manufacture of traditional silk, we are able to leverage a global production model which currently processes more than 150,000 metric tons of silk per year.2 Our technology is a direct drop-in replacement for traditional silk manufacturing, allowing any silk operation employing our silkworm technology to immediately be converted without any additional need for capital investment. We are currently securing global patent protection for our technologies in silk producing and silk consuming countries.

(4) We are actively pursuing relationships within target end markets to secure product collaborations with key market channel leaders. Due to the unique nature of our product, we received numerous unsolicited requests from leading businesses across a range of attractive end markets requesting materials for applications development. This substantial demand for spider silk materials across the broad spectrum of applications for high performance fibers and textiles, combined with the limited initial production capacity, has provided the opportunity to be selective in choosing market channel partners best able to quickly bring our product to market at scale. We are working under non-disclosure agreements to secure these collaborative development agreements and to establish limited channel exclusivity for firms we believe mirror our culture of innovation. With recent advancements in our manufacturing capacity, we expect to generate revenues from these relationships in 2020.

(5) Our management believes that access to financing has been the biggest hurdle to the Company’s ability to expand and create products for commercialization. Due to our limited financing opportunities, we were unable to perform our operations in a manner that we believe would have led to expedited growth and opportunities for our products. Although we have made progress in the commercialization of our spider silk technology, it has not been at the rate it could have been with more financing. Management believes that the proceeds from this offering will address our financing issues and pave the way for expedited growth.

(6) On April 16, 2020, the Company announced that it successfully developed a new technology platform, based on a non-CRISPR gene editing knock-in knock-out technology. This is the first knock-in knock-out technology essentially pure spider silk transgenic in the Company’s history. The new technology, which is the result of over ten years of effort, hits the target of one of the Company’s primary technological goals and potentially opens the door for large scale U.S. production. Other than the silkworm’s remaining specifically desired native silk protein elements, we are now able to produce nearly pure spider silk. Based on our internal studies, the new technology has a purity rate that is about ten times greater than Dragon Silk, a fiber that the Company developed with its previous tools. Dragon Silk has already demonstrated to be tougher than many fibers used in bullet proof vests and the Company expects that the increased spider silk purity, created using this new approach, will yield materials beyond those capabilities. This new system utilizes the Company’s eco-friendly and cost-effective silkworm production system, which we believe is significantly more advanced than any of the competing methods. We have already begun the validation process for the first of these new transgenics and anticipate that U.S. production will be possible as early as 2022 or 2023.

(7) The global market for technical textiles was estimated at greater than $234 billion in 2017 and projected to reach nearly $335 billion by 2025.

These are industrial materials which have become essential products for both industrial and consumer applications. The market for technical textiles can be defined as consisting of:

Medical textiles;
Textiles used in Defense and Military;
Safe and Protective Clothing;
Filtration Textiles;
Textiles used in Transportation;
Textiles used in Buildings;
Composites with Textile Structure; and,
Functional and Sportive Textiles.


We believe that the superior mechanical characteristics of the next generation of protein-based polymers (in other words, genetically engineered silk fibers), will open up new applications for the technology. The materials which we are working to produce are many times tougher and stronger than steel.

(8) Our approach to disrupting the performance and technical textile market is to adapt our existing infrastructure and capacity to produce our high-performance silk with minimal capital investment. When we were formed, this idea of utilizing the existing production systems and capacity by simply modifying the input was fundamental. Our proprietary recombinant spider silkworms are a direct drop-in replacement for any commercial silk producing operations. Our genetically engineered silks are produced using the same equipment and processes that traditional silk uses. In designing our technologies in this manner, we have minimized our need for expansion capital, limiting our direct investment and contracting with existing secondary fiber processors where the majority of large scale equipment is needed. Through our subsidiary, Prodigy Textiles in Vietnam, we have established the relationships necessary to secure these contracted secondary services.

(9) We are establishing relationships with key market leaders in several end markets and are working to establish exclusive development and sales agreements. For example, we have signed a non-binding, memorandum of understanding with Polartec, LLC (“Polartec”), a leader in high performance non-woven fabrics to develop applications for defensive and protective textiles. Polartec announced a commitment to using 100% biodegradable and recycled materials throughout its product line, and we believe that our engineered “green” silk can contribute to Polartec’s announced goal of fully recycled and biodegradable fleece, knits, fills, and fabric. We are currently in discussions with other end market product manufactures to secure sales and development agreements and hope to begin delivering product and generating revenue in 2020.

(10) We believe that we will be able to target a capacity of 40 metric tons of recombinant spider silk fiber per annum from this factory once it reaches maximum utilization. This capacity will allow us to address our anticipated initial demand for applications in the protective, performance, and luxury textile markets from Polartec and other companies with whom we have a relationship, but which we cannot disclose due to non-disclosure agreements.

Our long-term goal for Prodigy Textiles is to create a research center for development of our specialized silk, to contract with local farming cooperatives to grow upwards of 2,500 hectares of mulberry (which would allow for production of up to 250 metric tons of our high strength silk per year), and to serve as our principal manufacturing center.

(Bonus) In addition to climate impacts of the fermentation approach, solvents typically used to wet-spin fibers can have significant environmental impacts. DMSO, a common wet-spinning solvent, can be absorbed directly through human skin, carrying with it potentially dangerous side effects. This is another reason we pride ourselves on the use of silkworms, which do not require the use of DMSO, to produce our products. 

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