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Did you miss Tellurian (Nasdaq: TELL) which ran from $1.95 to a high of $6.50 earlier this year?

Or the recent filing that triggered massive interest in (NYSE: REV) Revlon Inc. shares which soared on the news from just over $1.0 to a high of $9.50? Moving more than 300% in a few days.

How about the short squeeze that sent (NASDAQ: RDBX) shares soaring to new highs.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and reading about companies with expected catalysts, before they happen, can be the difference between a small gain and life changing market profits

Put your risk capital to work in new techs and models; let the others trade the FOMO stonks that pop up every day. All of the fast money liquidity has been sucked dry and, instead of fixing flawed businesses crushed their shareholders with back breaking money raises, and seasoned traders took advantage of the newbies. The memes are much less funny today, as those new investors became bad stock bag holders.

Arm yourself with timely information that could help you and your portfolio, then relax and wait for the mayhem to begin, as traders rush to place pre-market orders to catch up to the news that you were expecting long before them.

I’m talking about game changing catalysts that are likely to keep these companies in the news and increased attention long after our first mention. If these companies successfully execute their business plans, the profit potential will be absurd.

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Did you see that Biotech that moved 280% the other day?

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