Currency Tracking Technologies will provide law enforcement with the technology to process and record seized cash which can be used as a resource to fight crime.




Meeting a Growing Need for Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community

Join the CTT family and help us save lives! Our technology will empower law enforcement and national security agencies to stop drug trafficking, human trafficking, gang violence, terrorism, and more.

Currency Tracking Technologies (CTT) is developing proprietary software applications and systems for recording and managing information on U.S. currency to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community in detecting and solving crimes.


Paper currency is a facilitator and motive for most of the major categories of crime, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal gambling, counterfeiting, money laundering, robbery, illegal arms trading and terrorism.  Currency used in these undertakings is often recycled and maintained within criminal enterprises and is a main source of financing.  Because of the link between cash and illicit activity, law enforcement needs to leverage available information and technology related to the tracking of currency.

To identify crime patterns and interdict crime, cash can be a valuable tool for law enforcement.  One method of using cash to apprehend criminals is to conduct undercover sting operations using these bills as “buy” money.  Bills that have previously been confiscated, processed and recorded can lead to criminals much in the same manner as a GPS tracking device.  To exponentially increase the effectiveness of law enforcement’s ability to detect crime through currency tracking, CTT has developed powerful applications and a secure network which allow inter-agency sharing and cross-matching of data.  In the past, the linking of criminal activity and crime networks to seized cash has been a challenge for law enforcement, as criminals took advantage of the disconnect between agencies and their exchange of information.



We are a dedicated team of law enforcement and military veterans who have joined with technological innovators to design and implement software applications and a secure network for law enforcement and the intelligence community to track and share currency data.  We believe this software, database and network will become the industry standard for managing currency information, creating a national index of currency records and establishing uniform protocols related to the processing and accounting for currency seized by law enforcement.

Cash is a critical component in criminal activity.  CTT will provide law enforcement with a valuable tool in tracking cash marked for buy operations, which can lead to the apprehension and conviction of criminals.  Once processed through CTT’s system, each bill is associated with the related case file and current sting deployment information, and can be quickly identified by any participating agency nationwide.  The tracking of currency used in illegal activities can be a critical investigative tool in solving a number of crimes, particularly drug trafficking.  (Source: “Combating Money Laundering and Other Forms of Illicit Finance: Regulator and Law Enforcement Perspectives on Reform” – Statement Before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, Washington, D.C., November 29, 2018)

CTT will provide real-time data searches, analytics and reporting capabilities. The system will feature a user-friendly interface, secure access controls, cloud-based storage, blockchain technology and advanced encryption.  Created for law enforcement professionals, CTT’s applications can be customized and integrated with existing local, state, regional, and federal crime information networks.

"Currency Tracking Technologies is dedicated to making our world safer by providing law enforcement with the most advanced systems to identify and solve crime. It is estimated that about 60 percent of terrorism is funded by organized crime and the illicit drug trade, which deal in cash. CTT’s national database of currency information will improve the resources and capabilities of law enforcement by facilitating secure data sharing across agencies and jurisdictions."

Reference on the 60 percent statistic: “The Link Between Terrorism and Drug Trafficking” Posted on November 6, 2017 By Trajan Evans for Global Justice Blog, The University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law
David Young
Currency Tracking Technologies - President, COO​


The suitcase full of cash is not just an image used in gangster movies. Paper currency is still one of the biggest facilitators and motives for most of the major categories of crime, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal gambling, counterfeiting, money laundering, robbery, illegal arms trading, and terrorism. Because of the link between cash and illicit activity, law enforcement needs to leverage available information and technology related to the tracking of currency. (Source: International Chamber of Commerce – Commercial Crime Services

To identify crime patterns and interdict crime, cash can be a valuable tool for law enforcement.  One method of using cash to apprehend criminals is to conduct undercover sting operations using these bills as “buy” money.  

Bills that have previously been confiscated, processed and recorded can lead to criminals much in the same manner as a GPS tracking device.  To exponentially increase the effectiveness of law enforcement’s ability to detect crime through currency tracking, CTT is developing powerful applications and a secure network which allows inter-agency sharing and cross-matching of data.  The linking of criminal activity and crime networks to seized cash is a challenge for law enforcement, as criminals take advantage of the disconnect between agencies and their exchange of information.


President Trump Speaks on Combating Human Trafficking
October 11th, 2018


Fred Rustmann – Chairman – CTT
David Young – Chief Operating Officer – CTT
Bart Potter – Senior Advisor – CTT

Development Stage

Currency Tracking Technologies (CTT) was organized by the investors in a legacy company that had developed a closed system with the technology to scan currency, capture serial numbers, securely maintain that data on a local level, allow queries, and produce reports.

This system was installed in a number of county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including DEA, and was successfully used in sting operations as well as several counter-terrorism operations abroad. That experience and know-how were passed along to CTT, including reports, wire-frames and law enforcement contacts. Although the previous platform that had been created was successful, law enforcement demanded the further development of a secure network and database that would enable law enforcement agencies to communicate and share critical information to help thwart or better prosecute criminal activity.

CTT provides a valuable tool for law enforcement to reduce crime and keep America safe!

Technology has advanced significantly in terms of cloud storage, processing power, and data transmission speed. Through blockchain security, an immutable chain of evidence can be created. In addition, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been mandated to improve their communications and sharing of information.

CTT represents the evolution of the initial concept, the collection of data from an advanced function currency scanner and its transference into a secure database through a proprietary network for access by law enforcement. The Company has identified the specific user requirements and product features, the system framework and components, technology partners and software applications, the security protocols, the data elements to be captured, and the standard reports that will be available. With the funds from the crowdfunding offering, CTTwill develop the system that has been designed. The Company is filing a provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office regarding a shared secure network and database using blockchain technology to create an immutable chain of evidence for law enforcement. The expected time-frame for completing CTT’s system is three to six months with a product rollout in mid 2020.

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Our team


Fred Rustmann, Jr.

Fred is the founder and chairman of CTC International Group. Fred retired from the CIA Clandestine Service as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service after a career spanning more than 24 years with assignment posts to eight countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. He was heavily involved in the collection of foreign intelligence from human and technical sources.

Keith Duffy

Keith has over thirty years of experience in investment banking, finance, strategic planning, and operations, and has been a principal in a number of start-up companies. Keith has been the founder and CEO of two bank holding companies, and the founder of a software development company and a biotech company now trading on
NASDAQ.​ He has held a variety of management, accounting and finance positions over the years. He has been a licensed securities broker and currently holds a real estate license and a NMLS mortgage broker’s license in Florida. He has served on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee. Keith attended Wake Forest University and Rollins College, where he earned a B.A. in Business Administration and Mathematics.​

David Young

A seasoned law enforcement professional, Dave has over 35 years of experience involving complex criminal investigations working in Pennsylvania, often with national agencies, overseeing organized crime, highway interdiction, terrorism, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, human trafficking, and
civil/criminal forfeiture. He successfully deployed the initial standalone version of CTT’s platform, which became instrumental in the investigation, prosecution and forfeiture of illicit proceeds. Dave is a retired Captain from the Pennsylvania State Police, where he once held the position as the Director of their Drug Law Enforcement Division. Post retirement Dave was the Director of Team Security for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles and a Detective with the Montgomery County Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office. Dave is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the Northwestern University School of Police Command and Staff and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Justice from the Pennsylvania State University.​

Barbara Higgins, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Managing Member, Director
Barbara is a seasoned investor with experience in multiple industries. Her investment portfolios include residential, recreational and agricultural land projects throughout the United States. Barbara has also served as project manager for numerous residential home restorations and renovations in several states. She serves as
the Financial Manager for multiple accounts, estates and trusts and was employed in a civilian capacity for Naval Intelligence and Las Fuerzas Aereas Interamericanas in Panama.

Elena Fuller

Elena Fuller is the founder and organizer of Currency Tracking Technologies. She has over 30 years of business experience. Originally from Peru, Ms. Fuller is a Hispanic American who has also been involved in philanthropic and humanitarian work in the United States, South America, India and Haiti for over 20 years. Through her experiences and interaction with people who were

preyed upon and exploited by criminal enterprises, particularly those devastated by drugs and violence, she developed a deep appreciation for the role of law enforcement in helping individuals escape dire situations. She understood that these unlawful activities, including human trafficking, were funded through illicit cash transactions. Ms. Fuller envisioned developing a software application to assist law enforcement in tracking cash to fight crime. Through her contacts, a management team was assembled, and the initial capital raised. Ms. Fuller has held a number of responsible positions in the hospitality industry, most recently working in operations for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.


Robert “Bart” Potter

Bart has over 13 years of experience in law enforcement working as a Deputy Sheriff in Okeechobee County, Florida, serving as a Patrol Deputy, Special Deputy assigned to the Latin Community, Street Crimes Gang Task Force, K9 Deputy and Narcotics Task Force K9 Deputy. He was certified as a Firearms Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor,
Advanced Tactical Handgun and Shotgun Instructor and TASER Instructor. Bart is presently employed by a private contractor with security clearance assigned by the State Department and deployed to Afghanistan as a bomb dog handler. He has traveled extensively in more than 15 countries, including throughout South America and the Middle East.​

Alberto Silva

Director of Social Media Marketing
Alberto has over four years of experience in marketing and advertising. He specializes in social media marketing with creation and management of multiple strategies and campaigns. Alberto has an extensive experience in multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He has created social strategies that increase brand

awareness, promotes customer engagement and ultimately drives web traffic and conversions. Alberto has worked for a variety of industries including healthcare, entertainment, and mass media. He enjoys working with start-ups providing his knowledge on User Interface Design and User Experience Design. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he graduated with Honors and won Best Portfolio.


Pablo Lavigna

Pablo Lavigna has over fifteen years of experience in the Information Technology and Software Engineering field. He developed extensive experience as Director of Information Technology operations at a private firm. He has developed and implemented network security procedures and developed software for multiple industries. He holds several

Microsoft and CompTIA certifications including Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and CompTIA Security+.  He attended Florida International University where he earned his degree in Information Technology and Business with Magna Cum Laude Honors.


Lisa M. Ruth

Senior AdvisoR
Lisa is the President and CEO of CTC International Group. She served as an officer with the CIA for 15 years, as both an analyst and a Special Projects Officer. Her specialties include Latin America, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, tracing and identifying money laundering and arms transfers. She also completed tours in the CIA and White House Operations Centers, providing 24-hour intelligence support to high-level U.S. policy makers.

Brian Carey

Brian is an entrepreneur and business development specialist who built and ran a successful accounting, tax and business management firm for over 30 years. He started a financial management/insurance and investment firm in 1984, then expanded it to add accounting, tax preparation and business planning and management services in 1986 called Carey Associates Accounting and Tax Services. More recently, Brian owns and operates Keystone
Business Development Partners. This company also provides business start-up and development services to a limited number of client/partner companies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University.​​

Alex Kriger

Alex has an extensive background in technology and business development spanning over 30 years across a number of industries. He has spearheaded and taken part in software development for complex applications. His skills include a thorough analysis of the objectives, defining system and subsystem architecture requirements, determination of resources required to design, program and integrate the various applications, selection of
the programming team, project completion, documentation and support. He has lead multiple project teams of programmers and systems engineers using both internal resources and outsourced development partners. Alex has led projects for multinational corporations including Citibank, Chase Mellon and Philip Morris, as well as startups. He has expertise in a number of programming languages, web technologies, middleware and databases. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts Double Major Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from New York University.​

Saiful Khandaker, Ph.D.

An expert in blockchain, mobile payment systems and smartphone technologies, Dr. Khandaker spent over 20 years engineering and developing complex software for AT&T, Cingular Wireless, BellSouth Mobility, and FreebeePay. After founding Mi3 Holdings in 2003, he expanded his vision to innovate smartphone technologies to solve global e-commerce and payment processing problems in mobile and retail technologies.
Dr. Khandaker has founded several tech start-ups in the mobile apps and payments industry prior to starting Fama Cash, Inc. He has a Doctor of Management degree in Organizational Leadership, a Master’s of Science degree in Technology Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.​

Vincent Gramoli, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor
Dr. Gramoli is an Australian researcher and world-renowned blockchain expert who gained his international reputation through his previous experiences at INRIA, France, Cornell, U.S., and EPFL, Switzerland. Vincent has been instrumental in the development of the Red Belly Blockchain. Red Belly is an unforkable blockchain, or non-duplicative blockchain, which was tested and proved as the fastest blockchain in
the world when it processed more than 660,000 transactions per second running on 300 machines in a single data center, outperforming all existing payment platforms. Vincent brings deep knowledge of blockchain and is an expert on technical strategy for commercial applications.​

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