Alltemp, Inc. (OTCQX: LTMP)

Greetings Fellow Speculator,

If you missed our KBLB alerts, you missed out on easy 400-500% gains or, with a little luck, 10X, 20X and even nearly 50 times potential returns. I have great news; it still has a long way to go.

I understand the disappointment in missing the beginning of that move, but, rather than pull your hair out for missing that, try entering on the next pullback.

Or, better yet, jump in on my next undervalued unicorn idea. If this option makes sense to you, immediately turn your attention to Alltemp™ (LTMP), as it appears to have an even better set up than KBLB and, if you act now (after performing your due diligence, of course) you should be positioned for even better results.

Alltemp, Inc. (OTCQX:LTMP)

By forging their own paths to solve massive needs in their unique respective markets, these little gems can potentially pave the way to a life-altering payday.

I’m pleased that I helped introduce thousands of people to KBLB and some of them became millionaires by acting on the introduction.

Well, my LTMP due diligence gives me the exact same giddy feeling as when I discovered KBLB. The main reason for that is that I realized, despite the fact that some of the biggest companies on the planet failed, after investing big bucks in their efforts, these two tiny companies cracked billion-dollar codes to titanic issues.

Even as KBLB is taking out all-time highs, I keep thinking to myself

“KBLB is amazing, but LTMP is a little gem that could even outperform KBLB!”

As “The Future of Refrigeration and Cooling,” due to its proprietary, eco-friendly, refrigerant technologies, which curb ozone depletion, reduce energy consumption and offer truly superior performance, LTMP’s refrigerant targets a massive market.

What do I mean?

The EPA is phasing out Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS). Class I substances, which have the highest ozone depletion potential, have, with a few exceptions, been completely phased out in the U.S. and production and import of most hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) will be phased out by 2020, which includes R-22, a very common refrigerant that’s still used in many existing air conditioners and refrigeration equipment.

Plus, this summer’s record European heatwave overwhelmed that continent’s power grid and they’re scrambling to figure out how to improve efficiencies while meeting the strict regulations.

It’s not just Europe, the planet is sweltering and, according to Bloomberg, the record heat is driving California’s power prices through the roof. The higher the energy prices, the quicker the monetization schedule for LTMP’s refrigerants.

This is probably the biggest industry breakthrough since Frigidaire synthesized Freon, which made the household refrigerator safe and affordable. Maybe bigger.

Knowing the markets as we do, we’re sure that some traders are already rushing to their trading platforms because LTMP is perfectly set up for impressive gains.

Although the trading opportunities will be generous, the real money will probably be made as a long term investment, so we invite you to stay and read further.

Alltemp’s “Universal” solution to the worldwide refrigerant dilemma provides the lowest GWP of any non-flammable HFC refrigerant to the market with zero ozone depletion, which means that LTMP is the 1st acceptable replacement to abide by both the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, which should equate to worldwide orders…

How big is Alltemp’s target market?

The refrigerant market is worth $Billions, with $Trillions in commerce dependent on it, and LTMP has a real solution that can help save $Billions and the planet.

alltemp® refrigerants are designed to be compatible with the vast majority of existing cooling systems and satisfy all environmental protocols related to the rapidly evolving global refrigeration industry.

Perhaps the biggest difference between KBLB and LTMP is that Alltemp’s products appear to have hurricane-force bureaucratic tailwinds building up.

Too good to be true?

Check out the test data from some of the Fortune 100 locations, including McDonald’s, Verizon, Macy’s, 7Eleven, W Hotels and Reihl Coil, for yourself


McDonald’s recorded 23.7% kWh savings


Verizon recorded 27.7% kWh savings


Macy’s recorded 24-27% kWh savings


7-Eleven recorded 38.16% kWh savings


W Hotels recorded 22.7% kWh savings


Reihl Coil recorded 74% kWh savings

In addition to no CFCs depleting the ozone layer and dramatically lower GWPs, these companies saw huge savings in energy consumption (kWh), making LTMP an easy way for companies to raise their increasingly important, Social Responsibility Index (SRI) scores.

There is, without a doubt, a FORTUNE to be made in improving performance and saving the environment!

Alltemp developed one of the best green technologies that I’ve ever seen and I mean across all markets and industries.

Why is this important to you? Right now, this tiny company is practically unknown, so it’s way undervalued, but, since it’s moving from R&D to commercialization, that’s about to change.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at KBLB’s performance this year, as it began to confirm that it was moving from R&D to production.

If my due diligence hit the bullseye again, this little gem could potentially deliver bigger returns than my KBLB pick, which could have turned $5,000 position into $50,000, $100,000, or even more than $250,000.

This is your chance to create a legacy for your children and their children.

If you’re thinking that lighting can’t strike twice, keep in mind that LTMP’s path is much clearer.

Think about the number of industries that depend on air conditioning and refrigeration. Alltemp represents a game-changing technological breakthrough for companies in these industries!

  • Chemical, petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Food (retail and service)

These $trillion industries spend $billions on energy to meet their air conditioning and refrigeration needs and a 20-30% rate reduction, just by switching refrigerants, would immediately impact their bottom lines.

It stands to reason that if LTMP can deliver that kind of payday to its users, just imagine the payday it’s lining up for its stakeholders!

Not only is Alltemp compatible with most refrigeration systems and can be installed without equipment modification; its proprietary formula reduces the systems’ wear and tear.
The environmental impact and the fact that many countries are already transitioning to greener refrigerants makes this a compelling story, but that’s just scratching the surface.

What is Alltemp™?

  • Green universal refrigerant replacement for environmentally detrimental refrigerants that are being phased out by governments worldwide
  • Proprietary technology that is the subject of 5 separate US & international patent applications for a universal refrigerant and manufacturing process
  • Broad application refrigerant: Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, foam insulation, and industrial solvents
  • Energy-saving technology: providing significant kWh savings through a reduction in compressor amp draw and leakage

LTMP is specially formulated to provide a permanent lubricant and, by running at much lower pressures than traditional refrigerants, Alltemp reduces refrigerant leakage into the atmosphere.

Test data conducted by Texas A&M University’s REEL Laboratory reflects lower temperature and operating pressures, which typically equate to longer compressor life, than both R-22 and R-410a. Testing also proved that Alltemp delivers significant energy savings in ampere (Amp) draw while providing a larger overall change in temperature (Delta-T).

We’re very excited to introduce LTMP, which appears to be taking the leadership position, in what should become a booming next-generation worldwide refrigerant market, and we believe astute investors stand to make big profits!

The European Union outlawed R-22 (Freon) and the US is on the EU’s heels, which will force homeowners and industry leaders scrambling for an affordable alternative. The EPA mandated the reduction of all HCFCs, to remain in compliance with the Montreal Protocol, and is ahead of schedule in enforcing these reductions.

This is serious stuff. In fact, France even formally moved to ban Mercedes vehicles for using a contested refrigerant. France eventually allowed Mercedes to keep selling vehicles in its market, but the showdown shows how serious this is and how amazing LTMP’s breakthrough truly is.

Owners of R-22-based cooling systems are in a bind since the older equipment and the new gas are not compatible, “drop-ins” are usually not feasible and system retrofit or replacement is usually cost-prohibitive.

The real story here? Legislation designed to solve one environmental disaster paved the way to another colossal environmental disaster, but Alltemp addresses these issues and more.

“We NEED to employ the smartest environmental solutions available!”

Alltemp’s revolutionary new refrigeration technology looks like it could be the answer to the country’s largest refrigeration users’ prayers!

In addition to the environmental benefits, Alltemp’s next-generation refrigerants crush Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (“HCFCs”) and Hydrofluorocarbons (“HFCs”) in terms of safety, efficiency and economics.

As you can clearly see, Alltemp is the perfect solution.

BIG money is going to be made in GREEN stocks, like LTMP!

Their breakthrough is so significant that the competition will need to go back to the drawing board, in a desperate race to catch up, buy out LTMP, or call it quits.

Air pollution costs the global economy more than $5 trillion annually in welfare costs, according to the World Bank, and $225 billion in lost income. It’s believed that air pollution causes between 3-5 million premature deaths annually.

Reuters recently reported that “By 2050, energy use for cooling is projected to triple, while in hotter countries such as India, China, Brazil, and Indonesia it is expected to grow five-fold.” Even World Bank’s Climate Funds Management Unit is ready to invest in energy saving.

Keep reading to learn why LTMP could…

Improve the entire refrigeration industry forever by reducing utility bills and, in many cases, even qualifying for energy savings credits!

Many manufacturing processes depend on maintaining a constant climate for quality control purposes, especially data centers where constant cooling is critical to the maintenance of data storage equipment.

Think about how Alltemp is poised to dominate key commercial markets worth billions worldwide. Here’s how…

Thousands of companies, in a wide range of industries, desperately need LTMP’s energy-saving technology!

Many of America’s leading companies are quickly moving to adopt “green” technologies, such as Alltemp, to slash their utility costs and to improve their social responsibility (SRI) cred, without the sacrifice.

HVAC, Refrigeration, Heat-pump, Manufacturing, Data Center, and many other applications.

Consider the money these companies can save by using LTMP’s technology!

“Global demand for refrigerants is expected to reach $21 Billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 6.0% from 2015 to 2020. The growth of refrigerants is driven by various factors such as increasing demand of refrigerants in Asia-pacific, increasing demand of cooling products, and growth in global cold chain market. The growing end-user industries such as construction, pharmaceutical, automobile, oil & gas, and food are also driving the refrigerant market.”


Without refrigeration, many of society’s most important industries would grind to a halt. In many ways, refrigeration is more important to us than even oil!

Every company that adopts LTMP’s technology should translate into a massive surge in the stock price of a company the size of Alltemp.

The truth is that if Alltemp hits its sales targets, early LTMP investors could quickly see solid gains and even greater long term potential.

To profit from this megatrend, you must be properly positioned!

Imagine buying Microsoft before Windows or Apple before the iPhone!

That’s the kind of ground-floor opportunity we believe Alltemp could be!

According to The Freedonia Group’s report, World Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, the global commercial refrigeration equipment market will grow to $47 billion by 2023.

“Changes in refrigerant and efficiency regulations are anticipated to drive sales of commercial refrigeration equipment in most of the world’s markets. This is particularly important in the developed world as certain refrigerants are phased out and commercial settings look to reduce their power usage. For instance, in Western Europe and the U.S., the gradual ban on fluorocarbon-based refrigerants that have high ozone-depleting potential will force many consumers to purchase new equipment optimized for more environmentally benign refrigerants.”

Recession-Proof Business

Energy is a relatively recession-proof fixed cost of doing business, so anything that promises to reduce energy costs, such as Alltemp, usually thrives during economic downturns and, with an ever-increasing number of industry leaders tooting the greenhorn, this one’s a winner from every angle.

Just check out your average news outlets and you’re bound to see a new article about how electric grids around the world are stretched beyond capacity this summer. So the choice is to invest trillions into new power planets or to use less electricity, and considering that the EPA estimates that about a quarter of our energy is used for HVAC, a 25% savings, without making any sacrifices, could go a very long way in saving our current grid.

For early investors, LTMP represents what people would call that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to both do some good and potentially earn solid profits!

alltemp™ is ready for market and we believe that early investors could potentially earn large profits while doing the right thing. Should LTMP’s sales grow as forecasted, it could end up becoming your portfolio’s legacy stock.

With numerous governments cracking down on greenhouse emissions and forms of pollution, which makes Alltemp’s low-cost, retrofit compatible technology a no-brainer because it solves the problem of reducing emissions at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new units.

If you haven’t performed your due diligence on LTMP, we urge you to do it now so you’re ready to seize this once in a lifetime ground floor opportunity.

Those who act quickly have the advantage.

Energy efficiency is where some of the best margin performance technologies, like Alltemp’s proprietary refrigerant technologies, offer some of the easiest achievable economic benefits. For example, one of the biggest costs for many industries, like grocery operators, is the running and maintenance of refrigeration and addressing that is LTMP’s wheelhouse.

Walmart famously reaped the rewards of its efforts to lower operating costs with larger than expected earnings gains and just switching to a cheaper and more effective floor wax, saved Walmart $20 million in annual costs and reduced the amount of chemicals needed to buff the floors.

DowDuPont dedicated entire divisions to developing green and biodegradable products, ensuring that they are leading by example in creating a safer living environment for us all.

Alltemp’s model is straightforward, it boosts performance, saves energy, protects the environment, increases equipment life, meets the strictest international mandates,”

– Hans Vollers, Alltemp Sales Manager.

When an under-the-radar micro-cap’s high-tech product blows away the established industry leaders, investors pay close attention.

Being in such early stages of its next-generation refrigerant commercialization process and trading history, we believe LTMP presents a tremendous ground floor opportunity to cash in on a socially responsible and fiscally sensible winner.

Unlike some other technology plays, this one isn’t hard to understand. On the contrary, this is a real company with real products, quality management, and rolling out its sales to a pent upmarket with no other real sustainable options.

Well, consider that Alltemp…

  • Meets, or exceeds, Montreal and Kyoto Protocols
  • Reduces AMP draw by 10- 40%, or more
  • Easy install and is designed to be compatible with almost any cooling system

Right now you can buy Alltemp for under a buck and, thanks to its global scope, it could potentially be selling for multiples of that within a few years.

That’s because this one has global implications and reach.

The reality is that there are thousands of large and small companies around the globe that could immediately benefit from Alltemp’s money-saving technology!

This is another reason why you must act quickly. It’s just a matter of time before other investors realize the potential offered by Alltemp and start to snap up shares at today’s price. Just like with KBLB, the key to legacy building is buying now at this ridiculously low price.

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