24/7 Market News Wrap for 13 Oct 2023

DENVER, Colo., Oct. 13, 2023 ( The following companies were among the listings that we covered this week;


The weekend attack dominated the news, so defense stocks were clearly in play, but we thought that some of the less obvious support stocks would also perform well.

With that in mind, we decided to feature our Friday headliner, ParaZero Technologies (NASDAQ: PRZO), which we first featured it when it was at 74-cents, on Friday, and again, on Monday, as it was trading at $1.65, up $0.49 (+42.24%), on 5.4M premarket shares traded. It ran in the premarket to open regular session trading at $2.19 and ran some more throughout the day, basically double topping at the day’s high, $2.85, a few minutes before noon and again just before the close at $2.70, up $1.54 (+132.76%), on trading volume of 168,445,729 shares. it went on to hit an afterhours high of $3.45.

We then mentioned that Maris-Tech Ltd. (NASDAQ: MTEK) launched an Ultra-Compact AI-Powered Video Analytics Product, Jupiter Drones, when it was trading at $1.19, up $0.19 (+18.51%), on 7.55M shares traded. It rode several waves higher and hit its $1.54 high, about 30 minutes before it closed at $1.39, up $0.3901 (+39.01%), 28,876,586 shares traded.

We also covered Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC), which had separate unrelated announcements.

We finished up, at noon, by stating that Hub Cyber Security (NASDAQ: HUBC) was trading at $0.44, up $0.20 (+83.85%), on 118.57M shares traded. Less than two hours later it hit 80-cents and closed at $0.6705, up $0.436 (+185.96%), on trading volume of 283,597,030 shares.


Despite our late start to the day, we still thought that SMX (NASDAQ: SMX) had some upside, when it was trading after stating that it would become the majority owner of privately held True Gold Consortium, when it was trading at $3.20, up $1.50 (+88.24%), up 4.44M premarket shares traded. It hit a premarket high of $3.87, but pulled back to open the regular session at $3.33 and could only rally to $3.80, before closing at $2.87, up $1.18 (+69.82%), on trading volume of 61,883,715 shares.

We then covered Immunic (NASDAQ: IMUX) reporting positive Phase 2 CALLIPER trial interim data, when it was trading at $1.87, up $0.28 (+17.61%), up 5.81M premarket shares traded. It traded very well in the premarket, hitting a $2.58 high, but was a dog in the regular session.

PowerFleet (NASDAQ: PWFL) was at $2.39, up $0.41 (+21.04%), on 8.97M shares traded, when it announce it was forming a business combination with MiXTelematics. About 15 minutes later it hit a high of $3.25, but that was it for the day and it closed at $2.53, up $0.56 (+28.43%), on trading volume of 10,434,983 shares.

We finished by covering SuperCom’s (NASDAQ: SPCB) run. It was trading at $0.69, up $0.33 (+91.33%), on 38.28M shares traded, then rode several waves to hit a high of $1.13, during lunchtime, before closing at $0.88, up $0.52 (+144.44%), on 233,210,547shares traded.


Tempest Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TPST) made a big move after stating that it planned to report new and updated data from a Phase 1b/2 combination study of TPST-1120, later that premarket, so we thought that, despite the big move, it still had legs for more. Tempest Therapeutics was trading at $0.9701, up $0.7302 (+304.38%), on 13.8M premarket shares traded when we first covered the development. It opened the regular trading session at $2.13 and, despite dozens of trading halts, it rode five waves higher to close out at the high of the day, $9.77, up $9.5301 (+3,973%), on trading volume of 172,003,599 shares. A minute into the aftermarket it hit $11.50, but that was it and it’s now trading near its previous 52-week high.

We covered Matinas BioPharma’s (AMEX: MTNB) Oral MAT2203 news when it was trading at $0.31, up $0.16 (+103.16%), on 29M shares traded. It seemed to only trade higher throughout the day and hit 89-cents, about 30 minutes before it closed at $0.641, up $0.486 (+313.55%), on 369,673,943 shares traded.

We spotted that Tupperware Brands (NYSE: TUP) was making a run when it was trading at $1.93, up $0.43 (+28.67%), on 4.09M shares traded. It hit its $2.355 high of the day minutes before closing at $2.33, up $0.83 (+55.33%), on 48,300,999 shares traded.

We covered that Phio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PHIO) announced a poster presentation of two key preclinical studies of its INTASYL compound after it rode two 30-cent waves to $2.20, up $0.81 (+58.27%), on 23,374,120 shares traded. It then traded sideways for a while until it exploded to $3.23, about 20 minutes before closing at $2.60, up $1.21 (+87.05%0, on 56,820,267 shares traded.


Secoo Holding Continues Momentum Move

Secoo Holding (NASDAQ: SECO) was one of several listings that skyrocketed in Wednesday’s aftermarket, when it hit an afterhours high of $3.79 and closed at $1.51, up $1.1898 (+371.58%), on afterhours volume of 18,940,231 shares. That momentum carried over Thursday morning and we covered it when it was trading at $1.98, up $1.659 (+518.24%), on 16.5M premarket shares traded. It opened the regular session at $2.15 and ran to a high of $2.73, but it couldn’t hold on to most of its gains and closed at $1.02, up $0.6998 (+218.55%), on 79,164,705 shares traded.


Same thing with OpGen (NASDAQ: OPGN); it skyrocketed in Wednesday’s aftermarket, hitting an afterhours high of $2.47 and closing at $1.27, up $0.934 (+277.98%), on afterhours volume of 12,339,135 shares. We covered it after it hit its Thursday premarket high of $4.34, when it was trading at $2.10, up $1.764 (+525.00%), on 14.8M premarket shares traded. It may have matched or exceeded its premarket high, but multiple trading halts kept a lid on it. It maxed out at $3.84 and drifted lower thereafter to close at $0.92, up $0.584 (+173.81%), on 70,765,970 shares.

We spotted Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS) when it was trading at $0.66, up $0.44 (+205.15%), on 30.58M shares traded, about an hour before it hit $1.30, but that was it for the day.


While it’s not surprising that Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) continue to trend higher, a bunch of the hard charging listings that we featured this week are holding a respectable amount of their gains.

However, some of this week’s listing were not for the faint of heart, like the response to this morning’s Sigma Additive Solutions (NASDAQ: SASI) NextTrip acquisition news, which was trading at $5.92, up $3.44 (+138.71%), on 13.42M shares traded, when we covered it. It yo-yoed its way to a high of $8.00, but is fighting to hold today’s gains.

Thank you for joining us this week. Have a great weekend and get ready for next week!

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