24/7 Market News- Weekly Kickoff for August 1, 2022

(24/7 MARKET NEWS) ToughBuilt Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: TBLT) and GeoVax Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: GOVX) were last week’s two big trades and they’re well positioned for a continued move higher.

ToughBuilt closed Friday at $7.09, $1.23 higher (+20.99%) on the day, on 79,747,000 shares traded, but off its $8.96.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”tblt”]

GeoVax closed $2.73, up 74 cents (+37.19%), but also off its session high of $3.39. The 182,472,886 shares traded on Friday suggests that this also will remain in the spotlight.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”govx”]

A number of other biotech listings are well positioned for this week, like Senti Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: SNTI), which closed Friday at $3.13, $1.27 higher (+68.28%), on 45,201,223 shares traded. Obviously, this was a massive move, but, if it can consolidate near this level, it doesn’t have much resistance between here and the $10 level.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”snti”]

CorMedix Inc. (NASDAQ: CRMD) is another biotech that’s made a great move and, although it closed Friday lower, it’s setup for further potential gains. It closed at $5.35, down $0.12 (-2.19%).

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”crmd”]

Olema Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: OLMA) is another one with an incredibly compelling chart that also closed Friday slightly down, at $5.02, off by a penny (-0.20%), on 178,628 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”olma”]

Blue Water Vaccines Inc. (NASDAQ: BWV) made a great move, let’s see if it can consolidate and make another move higher. Blue Water closed Friday at $3.35, up $0.38 (+12.79%), on 3,342,584 shares traded.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”bwv”]

Acutus Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: AFIB) is yet another interesting biotech chart; it’s made a nice reversal, but needs bigger volume. Acutus closed higher $1.56, up $0.12 (+8.33%) on 306,977 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”afib”]

Closing out the biotechs; Assertio Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: ASRT) hit a new 52-week high on Friday, of $4.145. it closed at $3.90, 26 cents higher (+7.14%), on 3,779,411 shares traded.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”asrt”]

Energy is also in play.

Eos Energy Enterprises Inc. (NASDAQ: EOSE) was on of Friday’s big movers, closing at $3.17, up $0.48 (+17.84%), on 6,331,092 shares traded.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”eose”]


Borr Drilling Ltd. (NYSE: BORR) reversed from its downhill course about two weeks ago and closed Friday at $3.84, 43 cents higher (+12.61%), on 1,628,605 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”borr”]

If Gevo Inc. (NASDAQ: GEVO) can continue its trading volume, it may break through the $3 resistance. It closed Friday at $2.94, 16 cents higher (+5.76%) and near its $2.95 high of the day, on 13,240,669 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”gevo”]

Houston American Energy Corp. (ASE: HUSA) has shown that it’s more than capable of making strong moves, so it’s another one to keep on your screen. It closed Friday at $4.41 (+7.04%), up $0.29, on 2,531,106 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”husa”]

Finally, we’re keeping an eye on Blockchain and Fintech, because many have made recent moves higher and may be consolidating to keep most of their gains, but, if there’s no follow-through. they could also roll over.

Riot Blockchain Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT) closed Friday at $7.32, down 8 cents (-1.08%), on 14,528,861 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”riot”]

Applied Blockchain Inc. (NASDAQ: APLD) was also 8 cents lower (-3.64%), closing Friday at $2.12, on 3,155,527 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”apld”]

Another one that trying to consolidate, after a nice move, is Stronghold Digital Mining Inc. (NASDAQ: SDIG), which closed Friday at $2.51, up a nickel (+2.03%), on 1,638,084 shares.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”sdig”]

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